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Welcome to Chester Pike Animal Hospital

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  • Experienced, caring veterinarian
  • Wonderful, compassionate staff
  • Prices you can manage
  • Intimate, relaxed atmosphere

Dr. Andrei Gal and the staff of Chester Pike Animal Hospital have been working to keep your pets healthy and happy ever since the clinic was founded. Our mission is to provide you and your pets with service of the highest quality, keeping your companions healthy and giving you peace of mind.

We believe in working with you, the pet owner, to give your pet a happy and healthy home environment. Pets are an important part of all our lives, and we want nothing more than to ensure your friends remain with you for a long, long time.


You're always welcome at Chester Pike Animal Hospital and we hope you will join us sometime.


We are the friendly “first line” of medical attention. Dr Gal’s long experience will diagnose and treat most of the presenting problems.  However, he will not hesitate to refer a complicated case to a wide network of specialists. Our interest is to offer the best help possible that will benefit your pet, “not our pocket.”

We are your trusted veterinary family practice: big enough to perform routine surgeries and to hospitalize non critical patients, but small enough to convey a feeling of intimacy.

We encourage people to treat pets like family; we emphasize the advantage of acquiring pet insurance, but we will not abandon the ones who lack financial resources.  We will help as much as we can, and will discuss the pros, the cons, the limitations, and advantages of the available approaches. Our prices are competitive and fair.

We publicly post our services and cost list for our routine procedures on our website, so clients can plan and budget in advance for the routine preventive yearly visits. When you call our hospital or come by, the first thing that will impress you is the “homey feel” of the environment and the friendliness of the receptionist and Veterinary Assistant (Our Yellow Pages telephone add is under the title “The Friendly Place”)


We want you to feel we are here for you and you can count on us throughout the lives of your precious pet companions.